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VMUG or Advantage That’s the Question

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I have been a VMUG member (Free Tier) for many years and have always enjoyed all the benefits included.

VMUG Options

However, this year and going into next I plan to not only get this blog off the ground but to focus on some new v7 certs including building one lab to rule them all and if luck aim vExpert so though VMUG Advantage would be the perfect catalyst to drive content and hopefully new skills on VMwares many products.

You could just use VMwares Hands-On-Lab (HoL) which is an excellent platform and have used it for years but often but for me to gain a real insight & understanding of the products including configuring and troubleshooting I know I learn best when customising everything end to end without the time limitations of a HoL, and especially when aiming to master a product like VMware Cloud Foundation, so a decent eval period is a must & the 365-day evaluation licences included in the subscription is spot on for me.

Another thing is typically when I have paid for something out of my own pocket subconsciously make the most of it, gym memberships aside.

So these were the basic reasons around the purchase for me, and so far have played true.

If you upgrade don’t forget to apply the 10% off 1 year advantage using, “ADVNOW” it knocked my year’s subscription down from 158 GBP to 142GBP.

VMUG 10 Off

I’m In Da Club

So, after committing to the “Submit” order button you will receive initial email starting after 1 full business day you will receive a further email to create your Kivuto account.

Joined VMUG Advantage

The welcome comms also noted to check your junk mail folder, just in case and low and behold one emails from ended up in junk for me so just keep an eye

IT Bod 365 VMUG

The training discounts and vouchers included are all available through the same Kivuto portal, and I will receive a separate email for registration for this site.

VMUG Advantage Registration

Once my registration had completed VMUG Advantage greeted me with the following list of benefits .

VMUG Advantage Evalexperience

I selected my VMware weapon of choice and clicked, “Add to Cart” and in a jiffy, had both the licence and links to download.

Note: you will see above this is also where access your exam discount codes included.

VMUG Eval VCF Download

Training & Education

The VMUG Advantage also gives you discount on the following training & education.

· 35% Discount on VMware Lab Connect

· 20% off VMware Certification Exams

· 20% Discount on VMware-Instructor Led Courses

So now I have lots to play with from the membership to cut one's teeth.

Additional Info:

VMUG Advantage Helpdesk

Info on Advantage membership

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