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Paul Kennard - ITBOD 365

Welcome to my blog, I am Paul Kennard and an IT Bod that has worked within the IT industry for over 20 years.

My current role at Computacenter is within the Platform & Hybrid IT - Consultancy Practice as a Senior Technical Consultant, my primary focus at the moment is around Cloud computing & the VMware Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC).

Over the years I have gained a plethora of knowledge across many IT sectors which have allowed me to understand the big picture and overall complexity of the ever changeling IT landscape, which keeps me on my toes.


The key drive behind me creating this blog comes down to the following points:

1.   Attempt towards giving something back to the IT Bod community and countless blogs I have used that have helped me.​

2.   A place to organise my thoughts and the copious notes I have built up over the years into a better format.​


3.  Provides focus and drive aimed at areas of interest/study whilst developing overall skills and gaining new.


So I wish you all well & hope you enjoy the content.....!

Paul Kennard vExpert 2021